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Phil Caldwell discusses Savong Foundation business with Savong - over a refreshing coconut.  Phil has registered the Foundation as a 501 Charity in 2011 - a major effort.  Above, Dara takes the microphone at the big December 26th party at the SOC - a day of picnics, music and dance and games.  And pensive - Heak (Hay-ik) contemplates at the SOC. He's a quiet-spoken boy, but capable of galvanising his 'big family' of brothers and sisters at SOC through his thoughtful leadership.


Here are some recent shots. A journey to Kulen Mountains waterfalls with the orphans (their favourite place) and a portrait shots - including a group of the orphans: off to school. At the orphanage all school-aged children attend local State School as well as receive education at Savong's School or through tuition at the orphanage. The idea is to give them a stronger than usual education - to ensure their every success in the future.










September 2009

In September 2009 an Australian family reeled off at least 200 shots around the school and orphanage - here are 3 of our favourites.  Photographer Steph Palti.









Here are some photos taken at Savong’s School recently.When you visit, be sure to bring a camera and if you like the shots you take, we’d love to share them.

Note, we have endeavoured to make contact with all the photographers of these pictures, but if you feel unhappy about us using a shot, please feel welcome to contact us and we’ll take the picture down.


Crisis. The school had only been open a few weeks when somebody came into the grounds and stole a bicycle. A few emails later and we transferred the money to Siem Reap to buy a new bike for the student. After that day the school has always had more teachers around, and a more secure place to park bicycles. One of the first guiding rules of this school is that students are to feel safe here. Below - the distraught student was amazed to be given a new replacement as a gift.

January 2009. Exams for the senior students.



Life in Bakong

Here are a few scenes from around the school and the local district - Bakong, home to a thriving village and market, a local temple (one of the first in the Angkor group) as well as a large monastery.

Left - most local transport is by bicycle. Right: the local police station, not far from the school. A lot of their work is administrative - stamping ID forms which are necessary in Cambodia for everyone - much like we use Drivers License ID or Social Security number. But they also help keep the peace in this rural community. The local policemen keep an eye on the students as they leave the school - following an attempted bicycle robbery a few months back. As a consequence two of the cops often join English class or even the volleyball game during their off time.


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