Looking for a place to stay in Siem Reap?

If you're planning to stay in Siem Reap you're spoilt for choice. The town is brimming with hotels, guest houses and restaurants of all types to suit all budgets.

We can strongly recommend a Guest House associated with the school. DMS Angkor Villa is a new guest house that charges $US15 - 25 per night for a clean room, air-conditioned with TV, (CNN, BBC)  hot and cold water, shower and - internet access.  If you're looking for cheaper, there are $10 rooms with fan but no air-con. Call me soft, but the aircon is essential for travellers not used to the hot Cambodian temperatures.

DMS Angkor Villa is nearby the bus station,It takes 15 minutes by tuk tuk to Old market, It has maintained a relationship with Savong's School - contributing part of their turnover to the school and referring volunteers also. Thank you!

Sor Phoun Villa 

Making bookings

If you need to stay in Siem Reap please contact Savong and he can arrange accommodation for you easily.

 Savong +855 12 531 037

Services at Sor Phoun Villa

DMS (Duncan, Makoto and Savong) Villa provides real service for guests including:

  • 12 Guest rooms - singles, twins and doubles.
  • Air-conditioning in most rooms. (Cheaper fan rooms are an option.)
  • Televsion including CNN and BBC.
  • Computer - internet access.
  • Full booking services for local transport, sightseeing, buses or ferry to other part of Cambodia.
  • Laundry service - very reasonable rates (and really useful.)
  • Tuk tuk taxi service for your journeying around Siem Reap.
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