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Changes are being made to the volunteering system at Savong School and the SOC Children's Home. In line with several other NGOs in Cambodia, a donation of $200+ will be required prior to volunteering.  This is modest by general standards (many volunteering experiences charge over $2,000) but is designed for two reasons:

  1. To discourage casuals who turn up for a day, disrupt classes, take photos and then leave - providing no benefit whatever for the local students.
  2. Yes - we do need funds. Just like any school in any community (no matter what country) we need more resources including textbooks, laptops, and funds to support our scholarship students through University.
  3. Don't forget that volunteers need to arrange beforehand to visit the school. Bring ID such as Passport, in line with other NGOs we will ask for a Police Clearance/Background check form as well. See our page on Child Safety.


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Welcome to Savong's School

Welcome to Savong’s School 25 minutes east of Siem Reap Cambodia. Svay Savong is a young Cambodian who had the dream to build this school in order to provide free language education to rural children. In this part of Cambodia, not far from the incredible Angkor Wat temples, tourism is the major employer beyond subsistence farms and family retail businesses, so skills in languages provide a passport for future employment. For  rural children Savong’s School provides hope, opportunity and support. More than 1000 have learned English here.

The school was built in 2005 with the help of many supporters world-wide, and together with Savong and his team of teachers the school has made progress – step by step – to provide higher levels of education with better resources.

Volunteers are always welcome here, whether for a day, a week, (or preferably) a month or longer, and we know the experience will be as valuable for you as it will be for the students who come here voluntarily. They really appreciate the gift of free education. School operates in the afternoons, while orphanage volunteering opportunities are available mornings and afternoons. Note as from November 2013 a good faith donation of $US100 has been required as part of the arrangement process.

Come help us make a difference!

  • Near Siem Reap, Cambodia . (See map.) Five classrooms, library, computer classroom. This year we are expecting around 250 mostly primary and also secondary students.
  • The objective is to give young rural students employment opportunities by teaching them languages useful in the local tourist sector: Korean, Japanese and English. 
  • Computer skills are also taught.
  • Top Grade 12 students are awarded university scholarships designed to support them through 4 years of university study - fees, living expenses and laptop. We have had many scholarship students in this program. (Also several SOC students are also being supported through university.)
  • The project is directed by Svay Savong.
  • The school is an example of the global village at work. It has been supported by people from all around the world. More than 1,000 local students have learned languages and other skills here at Savong's School.

If you are thinking of volunteering:

  • Please follow us on Twitter. Follow savong_school on Twitter
The Purpose of the School

The purpose of Savong's School is to give rural students a chance to find employment, Savong's School was established to teach languages to children who cannot afford paid tuition. The school, built in 2005 in a small village East of Siem Reap,  met immediate success.

It is a good place for the students, a social hub, a place to learn and a place that gives opportunities. The teachers work hard to deliver quality education in languages as well as computer skills.

Savong began the school because of his own experience, growing up in the years of poverty after the fall of Pol Pot. As he states it; “I don't want children to ever face what we had to face.”

This website shows you the school and shows how you can help support it. It is a worthwhile project, an example where people around the world have linked by email to a good person with a great project in the middle of Cambodia and, together, have turned the dream into reality. This is the global village at work!

Are you able to help with these pressing needs?

  • Number of new scholarship sponsors to be found for October 2017  intake:  8 - we are seriously looking for sponsors @ $80 per month over 4 years.  Also, these students need laptops for university study.
  • You can assist children by helping supply stationery, dictionaries and school uniforms so they can also attend the local state schools.
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Support the School

Savong's School costs around $US 2,200 per month to run - though as with any school it has a thirst for new equipment, more books and stationery for the students, and there are costs such as building maintenance, transport for children as well the salaries for the teachers who put so much love into their work.

A little goes a long way here! By clicking the MAKE A DONATION bar on the left you can securely make a donation of your choice via PayPal and help us fund the teacher salaries, and ongoing costs. Thanks!


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